Find Used Mustangs For Sale on Craigslist

Like it or not Craigslist may be the best place to find a used Mustang because there is such a huge community there.  Being it is one of the most visited websites on the planet, you can expect to have immediate success looking for used Mustangs on Craigslist even though you should still be very cautious.

Find Mustangs for Under 10 Grand In a City Near You

One reason for the caution is that there are many malicious people that make a living just by scamming Craigslist users into sending them money over Western Union.  Craigslist gives several advisories to anyone looking to buy or sell anything on their website so be sure to always pay attention to what messages or warning Craigslist gives when you are interacting with someone online.

Setting Up a Feed From Craigslist

It is fairly simple to get quick updates on the latest Craigslist listing for used Mustangs so that you can get the best deal before the competition does.  Many times you will see a very good deal on Craigslist for a good cheap used 'stang only to find that someone else has already bought it!  Bummer.

A good way to get these deals before anyone else is by setting up an RSS feed so that you have a quick way to see the best deals first.  Here I will take you step by step so that you can easily setup one of these feeds.

The first thing to decide is what type of feedreader you want to use.  This can depend on the computer you have or the programs you may already have on your computer.  Check out these examples of good RSS readers.

The next thing to do is to setup a search on Craigslist with your criteria.  You want to go to and select the city where you live or is nearby.  Type in 'Mustang' in the search box and hit enter.  Now you want to refine your search a bit by choosing your price range, selecting whether you only want to see listings with images, and decide which category you want to be searched.  I like the category 'Cars and Trucks for Sale by Owner' as I would much rather deal with a used Mustang for sale by owner than have to deal with a dealership.

Another way to filter results is to choose a high price point and a low price point.  Why filter lower priced 'Mustang' listings?  Because may of the lowest priced listings are not for used Mustangs at all but are actually for car parts or things of that nature.

Check out this example of a search in the Los Angelas Craigslist page for a used Mustang.  I searched for 'stangs in the $2000 - $10,000 price range.  Now that I have my search settings the way I want them I can setup the RSS feed.  At the bottom right side of that search in Craigslist there is an orange button with the letters 'RSS' on it.  When clicked you will be taken to an RSS URL that may look different on your computer depending on the browser you are using.  The look of that page doesn't matter, all you need to do is copy the URL in your browser and paste that in your new RSS feed reader that you selected.  Viola!  Now every time you visit your feed reader you can see the latest listings for your area for used Mustangs!