There are not many cars in America as iconic as the Ford Mustang.  Vehicle enthusiasts will all agree that the Mustang is among the most well recognized and popular sports cars on the market.

Used Mustang

Many find it difficult to buy a new Mustang because they can be an expensive vehicle.  It can be hard to justify buying a new coupe when there are more than three family members in a household.  Fortunately there are many places to find used Mustangs and that topic is what we focus on here.  Whether you are looking for an older used Mustang or you are interested in a newer model used Ford 'stang, there are plenty of places to look for the perfect used car that fits your needs.


Used Mustangs for Sale on Craigslist

A great place to check is Craigslist. Check out the link above for a good tutorial on how to find a great used Mustang for sale on Craigslist.

Here are some examples on ebay:

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